July 22, 2024


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10 Law Schools You Ought To Know

Law is something which you practice in your everyday life. Law means basic rules and regulations for working or behaving in a society. It is an essential part as we live in a civil society and need to work in a particular manner. Law gives us the essential framework for living well, have equality and to dispense justice among people. A list of the Top 10 Law Schools which are at the helm of all the law schools in the United States of America are detailed here.

Skills that this course will imbibe in you
The basic skills that a law school would imbibe in law students are the logical, creative, analytical and reasoning, reading, debating and negotiating skills.

Reading and comprehending
Reading and comprehending is an important strong point in this profession because the lawyer will have to deal with different court cases, so he needs to read extensively about each and every thing he may come across. He may come across various issues right from banking, insurance, administration, international trade, public relations, real estate, human resources, healthcare, publishing, media just to name a few.

A lawyer needs to have critical analysis about the developments about an event. Along with the case he is handling, he also needs to be in sync with the latest developments in the legal system, jurisdiction, economy, government policies in order to know more about handling a particular case.

Negotiating skills
A lawyer needs to have suitable negotiating skills in order to deal with the people who seek legal help and assist in dispensing justice to them. Negotiating with various government agencies, law institutes, clients, judge and various other people is necessary in order to be successful as a lawyer.

Writing Skills
Efficient writing skills are essential in order to communicate well through written communication with government agencies, law institutes, clients, judge, attorney and all the people involved in the law business.

LSAT – Law School Admission Test is the entrance test which is necessary to be given in order to qualify for a law school. Read Blog in order to know more about the qualifying exam.

Types of law schools
The different types of law institutions that you would come across are:
Public or private
Large or small
Faith related or independent
Stand alone or affiliated

The top 10 law institutes in the country are as under:
Yale University – CT
Stanford University – CA
Harvard University – MA
Columbia University – NY
University of Chicago
New York University
University of California – Berkeley
University of Pennsylvania
University of Virginia
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Diversity in law college
Racial, ethnic differences and diversity are a boon in order to know the different sections of the society. As a law school has people from different ethnic groups, castes, communities and religions it facilitates a proper representation of the society. It may further help in improving the justice system as all are treated equally and diversity betters the situation.

Finance is also an important key while selecting a law college. There is a lot of investment which will be involved while you opt for law. You can opt for funding your law college by taking an educational loan. A good law school is essential to be chosen from and see to it that if you are investing in education you get good returns out of it.