July 22, 2024


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Factors Affecting the Recession in Sexual Women

Concept, traditional ethics, morality, religion has created a difference in level of sexual desire level that also affected the relationship between family and society. All was great to dominate the emerging whole as well as reduced libido in women sexually.

These factors impact on sexual desire in women include:

• Age
• Childbirth, economic
• Work, social position,
• The role of spouse
• Illness, medicine, habit

One of the major causes of decline in women as sex after menopause:

Time to cause irritation in women slowly, psychological factors account for a relatively high rate compared to other factors. Psychological factors include: personal opinion, social, environmental, ethical and moral values, a prohibition of religion, the personal relationships of couples as well as identify common issues their sex.

Woman rarely voiced complaints about the decline of their desires and they never seek care or help from the physician.

With traditional education, male-supremacy mentality has pushed past the woman to accept the weakness of their sex is a natural, as with ethics.

On the social justice tradition was not against women in matters or not allow them to talk about sex.

If we prove scientifically and seriously that decreased libido is a result of diabetes or due to spasm of the vagina, the damage caused by multiple sclerosis or mucus glands in the vaginal wall or hurt by the decline due to reduced blood flow in the clitoris, the decline in sex therapy in women will become nothing worth saying and also pleasant as a treatment for other illnesses.