July 22, 2024


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Female Sexual Health – Vaginal Lubricant

Women are regarded as the keepers of sex. Most of the time, a man depends on the woman’s zest for sex in order to have a mutually enjoyable sex. When a woman is aroused, she produces a natural lubricant in her vagina to help reduce friction during intercourse and help in sperm motility.

However, there are just times, or instances, when a woman is in a dry spell. There are so many reasons for this, such as: stress, menstrual cycle, menopausal, childbirth, and nursing and when using a condom. To solve this, a vaginal lubricant is used. This has two types, the natural and the artificial.

There so many versions of the latter available in the market today and they come in different containers, such as tubes and bottles, and have different basic ingredient and forms such as estrogen based creams and the like.

It is your discretion to know what is best for you. When you decide to buy and use this lubricant, you should be aware that it causes female infertility and even lessen, if not stop, sperm motility. A lot of studies have discovered this.

So, if you are a woman who is having a vaginal dryness and is planning on using a vaginal lubricant in order to have sex and get pregnant, you better think twice, and do your own research to make sure that the product you use is natural. An example of a natural vaginal lubricant is Vigorelle. The advantage: it is proven safe to use.