July 22, 2024


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Men, Learn How to Attract Women by Becoming a Female Sexual Magnet Through Natural Attraction

Since the dawn of Man, men have racked their brains to figure out how to make themselves more appealing and desired by women. After all, what of life’s many treasures is more fantastic and rewarding than the love of a wonderful woman? Really, there is none. Men should stop racking their brains over this dilemma. Truly, the simplest way to attract women is to just listen to Mother Nature…

That’s right, Mother Nature Knows Best.

Here’s a simple question: Why do women unconsciously wear shorter skirts when they are ovulating…?

The simple answer: Because they are fertile and want to attract a mate.

Another simple question: Why do men find the 36-24-36 ratio to be the most sexy and attractive…?

The answer is: Because it relays to the man that she will have greater success for reproducing children.

And the list goes on and on… The sad fact is that such simple and natural instinctions are seldom taught in sexology classes. Yet, such simple concepts are the basis of human attraction and sexuality.

The fact is that men and women are attracted to other men and women for a variety of reasons.

One very important factor being the “biological” or “Mother Nature” factor of ensuring the human race survives through reproduction. After all, that is our main biological goal and the only way to ensure IMMORTALITY for ourselves and for the human race.

My best friend in High School was an average sort of person. Nothing extraordinary. Just an average guy like everyone else and me. Nothing to really write home about…

But he had more women after him than I or anyone else could possibly understand. He wasn’t suave, cool, or sophisticated; he didn’t drive a Porsche, and he wasn’t some sexual Adonis with a Movie-Star face…

He was just like the rest of us, really…

We shall call him, “Robert.”

More on him later…

Back to Attractiveness and Mother Nature:

The fact is that many men and women are drawn or attracted to a certain person for reasons that most of us truly don’t understand and usually don’t care to understand. We don’t analyze it too much because these “feelings” are so natural and feel-so-right, that we embrace them openly and warmly.

Why are these attractions so “natural” and pleasant? What are the reasons for how we may feel in these circumstances?

Well, sometimes our attraction could be because a certain person unconsciously reminds us of someone we were close to before. It could be that simple. Or, possibly, there could be even deeper meanings… Did you know that a woman is more likely to be attracted to a man if he wears the same cologne or uses the same soap that her father did when she was growing up…? Yes, it’s true. If her father was a car mechanic and you want to get her to like you, you’d better start changing your own oil instead of taking your car to a lube shop. When she smells that oil on your body it will trigger unconscious responses of her father. Chances are, her father is her “vision” of what a “real” man is like. And don’t forget, too… Olfaction (smell) is the sense that is most closely linked to memory…

Women aren’t the only ones… Did you know that a man will be more unconsciously attracted to women with the same hair color of the woman that was closest to him (apart from his mother) as an infant? Such as a nurse or baby sitter…

Yes, it’s true. Now you might know why you are so crazy about red-heads and never knew why.

Mother Nature is to blame… Well, not really to blame. It’s just how we are biological wired. Once one begins to learn the most basic methods of how we act, love, desire, and survive, then it’s all really pretty simple.

That’s why such attractions FEEL so Natural — Because it is Mother Nature’s hands at work!

You might be thinking this is fine and wonderful… But you’re probably not too impressed. After all, you’ve never met the father of the girl you have your heart set on and hardly know what type of shaving cream he uses. Good point, but don’t despair. There are many (m)other ways of tapping into these natural instincts. Some are so surprisingly simple; so much so that they will seem almost too far-fetched to believe.

For example: A scientific study was conducted in Spain with women and their sexual attractiveness to men. A series of unknown men were shown to a series of women. The women could see the men but knew nothing about them. There was nothing the women knew about the men except that they could see them, fully clothed.

The women were then asked to make a list of the men that they felt were the most appealing and attractive. The women made up their minds and made out their lists; from the most attractive men to the least attractive.

The scientists then took sperm samples from all of the men.

When the number of sperm and the health of the sperm was calculated; this data was then compared to the list of men that the women felt to be the most attractive…

The results were very surprising:

The women found the men with the highest number of sperm and the healthiest sperm to be the most attractive.

Sound Impossible?

Nope. It’s Mother Nature at Work, again.

Women can unconsciously pick up on whether a man has a high or low sperm count because of Mother Nature. Believe it or not. Scientific studies prove so. But why would women be attracted to a man who has such super sperm?

Well, you see, if a man has a higher sperm count, that means that he will be better able to father children…

This means that he is, truly, more of a “MAN.”


Call it Women’s Intuition…

Or chalk another one up for Mother Nature…

And you thought that new Sports Car might help you out with the ladies…

Men, if you are serious about making yourselves more attractive to women then throw out your pheromones, donate your books on fancy pick-up lines to the library, stop watching videos on how to become a “player,” and start increasing the health and number of your sperm.

Hey, trust me, any guy can do it and it’s easier than spending hours at the gym or screwing your head up with all kinds of theories the dating “experts” are feeding you.

Listen to Mother Nature. She knows best and she knows more than all of the “experts” put together… Guaranteed.

Do you want to get your sperm on the fast-track to health and happiness? One great way of creating super-men sperm is through increasing your dietary intake of zinc. Zinc does wonders for helping create numerous and healthy sperm. Quitting smoking is a big one, too… Smoking knocks the heck out of sperm. Give up the cigarettes. There are many ways of improving the health and number of your sperm. It’s really easier than you can imagine.

Anyway, back to my friend, Robert. You know, my old High School buddy we talked about earlier.

Back in the day, he relayed a story to me about his new girlfriend. Apparently, she was really amazed at his seminal output when they had sex. In fact she was so impressed by it that it took him by surprise and he wanted to ask me about it. And so he did. He asked me how much I would usually ejaculate, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

I told him, “You know, normal, i guess; like half a teaspoon… Nothing like those guys in the porn films, though, that must be some kind of special effects or something…”

He looked at me with a puzzled expression and said: “Really, I thought all guys were like that, you know, that’s how much I usually release. Sometimes I feel like I’m never going to stop!”

Had I really known… No wonder all the women were so interested in him, without even sleeping with him.

Who would have thought…?

To learn more about increasing the intensity and volume of your orgasm and supercharging your sperm, read Iron Man Penis – The Russian System.

Remember – Mother Nature knows best.


Georg Von Neumann