July 22, 2024


Nurturing Whole Body Health

Recipe to Good Health – Sports and Tips!

Pursuing sports as your hobby is good for your Health as well as for your personal life. Look at the host of benefits in playing cricket, table tennis and Golf. It lets you overcome your chronic disease, just some time out a day will help you. Play a game of table tennis in the morning and you will soon see how you can take control of your heart disease and breathing ailments.

Any game which involves cardiovascular exercise will be good for those suffering from cardiac problems. Build resistance and great stamina for a healthy living. Your recipe to good health is a game of sport. Build up your muscles with some physical activity every day. If you think you get exhausted very soon if you go for jogging, you can try out simpler games which are fun filled. They don’t give you the feeling of exercise instead you would enjoy playing it and simultaneously work your way to good health. For instance, playing cricket makes you feel refreshed and at the same time is a good exercise tip for you.

It also has host of psychological benefits. It acts as a mood elevator to those who often suffer from depression. A good physical activity will help reduce the symptoms of depression. A depressive patient can soon see improvement with in a short span of time. Table tennis improves eye hand co-ordination, it helps your motor and visual skills. These are suggested to those with poor motor and visual skills. Besides this, it is good to catch up with friends every day.