July 22, 2024


Nurturing Whole Body Health

Rest Gives You Bigger Muscles

Want bigger muscles? Have you been working consistently trying to increase your muscle mass only to experience slow or small results? The problem may have very little to do with your work out and a whole lot more to do with resting.

It may sound like a fairy tale to some or a dream come true to others but the fact is you can experience more growth from the same exact same effort you are already putting forth. The key is in letting the muscles rest appropriately.

Muscle Growth

Did you know that muscle growth occurs because the muscles are repairing themselves after being strained? Muscle tissue breaks and tears when placed under a load but the magnificent thing about the human body is its ability to heal. When healing occurs, the muscle becomes bigger. The key to all of this is allowing the body to properly heal.


Sleep is something the body requires to heal itself. Did you know that during sleep your growth hormones are at their highest levels? While you are at rest all kinds of things are happening within your body including immune system stimulation, absorption of amino acids and much more. The bottom line is you need sleep for a healthy body and if you are working out regularly this will be the time when the most growth occurs.

Work Out

Another fact that may surprise you is that you can work out less frequently and still see amazing results. However, many people take this to mean they can cut back on the intensity as well. The truth is for effective muscle building you can work out less often, but with no less intensity. You probably want to increase the intensity a few notches actually. Professionals will often work the muscles to complete exhaustion, which of course requires the assistance of a training buddy but works wonderfully. Keep up the intensity of your workouts and add muscle fatigue to the routine once a week to see results fast.


Take your rest as seriously as you do the rest of your routine. If you have really gone all out on a workout, take a couple of extra days to rest before hitting the weights again. When you are talking about sleep, remember you need quality sleep time more so than quantity. It is during the deepest sleep that the healing and rebuilding process occurs.


Achieving big muscles is something many people strive towards, however too often the simplest measures for good bodybuilding are overlooked. Nutrition, proper rest and a great workout is nearly an unbeatable formula for increasing muscle mass quickly. Get in bed early each evening, at least before midnight and try to not rearrange your sleeping schedule. Eat a healthy diet full of protein, vitamins and minerals then workout and see fantastic results.