May 28, 2024


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Sexual Problems in Women – Read This First

Many women suffer from sexual road-blocks throughout parts of their lives. Sexual problems in women are becoming more common as women are finding themselves in more stressful situations on a regular basis. The reasons for sexual issues can differ, however they are usually either physical or psychological in nature.

When a sexual problem is caused because of a physical ailment it may start very gradually. A person who has diabetes, a neurological illness or heart disease may experience sexual frustrations before they illness is diagnosed. Many women find out their underlying illness when they go to the doctor to discuss the sex issue.

Sexual problems are also caused when there is a hormonal imbalance in women. This can be caused by menopause, medication, or other issues that create the hormonal imbalance. Another cause of this situation is an untreated vaginal infection. When sexual problems are caused by these conditions, a physician can usually prescribe a medication that will alleviate the problem. When an infection or imbalance is restored to healthy levels, the sexual appetite will return.

Alcoholics and drug abusers often have sexual problems that cannot be addressed until they go into treatment. When a person abuses their body, they often throw all of their hormones out of balance and there are conflicting messages being received by the brain during the sex act. Chronic illnesses like liver or kidney disease often result in sex issues and a physician can give advice on what steps to take to address the problem.

Psychological problems can often affect a woman’s sexual appetite. The issues are often difficult to pinpoint and address. Many women find that they are not enjoying sex, but cannot figure out why. In most cases the help of a therapist is required to find the reason for the problem. However, more and more women are finding that stress has a direct impact on sex.

One of the biggest causes for libido decline is stress. The hormones produced by the body when it is under stress can reduce the desire for sex significantly. When the stress is reduced of eliminated, a woman finds that she can enjoy sex.

There are many ways to reduce stress. Changing to a healthier lifestyle is one way to reduce stress. By eating healthy food and exercising regularly a person can increase their ability to cope. Including breathing and relaxation exercises will also help in reducing stress. Taking a 30-minute walk during the day increases stamina and circulation. As stress is reduced you will find that sex becomes enjoyable again.