May 28, 2024


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The Extraordinary and Enigmatic G-Spot

What is this mysterious ‘G-Spot’ we’ve been hearing about, and how exactly can it help women to experience more pleasure than we’ve ever thought possible? For years, the clitoris was considered the only trigger for the female orgasm, and with that we do celebrate the all-mighty clitoris as the epicenter of sexual bliss. But think of the clitoris as the tip of the iceberg. On the other side of the clitoris, deep within the vaginal chamber is the extraordinary and enigmatic G-spot.

Anatomically it may be complicated to substantiate, as the G-spot remains latent until properly stimulated. However when aroused, this astounding physical anomaly can produce deeper full-body orgasms that feel much more intense and expansive. The G-spot is located 2-3 inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall. It’s on the other side of the clitoris, which I believe are somehow connected. If you (or your partner) were to extend your thumb and middle finger, placing your thumb on the clitoris and middle finger deep inside and gently press together, this is where you’ll find the magic connection. When both the clitoris and G-spot are stimulated simultaneously, the energy flowing between them generates such a strong electric charge, causing your body to writhe uncontrollably while experiencing this high frequency of inherent life-force energy surging through every cell of your being.

Due to our repressed American society, human sexuality has been greatly censored by restricting education and social discussions about intimate exploration and female orgasm. These topics have been considered taboo for centuries until the last 40 years or so. Parts of Europe are a bit more progressive with their freedom of sexual expression, however the entire planet has had a heavy patriarchal dominance that has widely disregarded the importance of female pleasure. Obviously we have been having sex since the dawn of humankind, and just as men experience tremendous pleasure from sexual relations, women can as well – and with even a greater advantage; )

The female G-spot acquired its name by Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg in 1981. The G-spot’s existence and validity has been in question since its ‘discovery’ and there have been numerous studies done to prove or disprove its presence. Well I am here to testify first-hand that the G-spot does in fact exist! And what’s more, within it a source of cosmic energy that can transform your conscious awareness into a realm of pure ecstasy and pleasure beyond comprehension. It feels like a blissful and soulful journey where you feel ‘one with the entire universe’ if only for a minute or two.

One reader wrote in claiming, “I experience intense G-spot and/or clitoral orgasms usually within 30 seconds of stimulation, and I enjoy multiple waves of powerful and juicy orgasms for a good long time.” I believe every woman has this incredible ability, however having counseled numerous women to help them to discover the joys of their G-spot, I understand it can be quite frustrating for some women who still may struggle with achieving orgasm at all. In my companion article, How to Experience Multiple Orgasms, revealed in next week’s newsletter, it will explain in more detail how to achieve various types of orgasms.

Believe it or not, women’s bodies are similar to a man’s in that our vagina is essentially an inversion of a man’s genitalia. The vaginal walls are very muscular, and when a woman is sexually aroused, the entire G-spot area can become engorged up to 150{c34c06f77d52afff33578e93b7591d6bfac789ab9e1d902f9c4fe14f0d14bf4a} of its normal size. It will become much more apparent as blood rushes to this spongy tissue causing it to become erect and much more sensitive. Within the G-spot is the paraurethral gland, a female counterpart to the male prostate. Stimulation to this area can lead to a forceful eruptive female ejaculation, also called squirting.

Female ejaculation is where a fluid similar in chemical makeup to prostate fluid is expelled. A large amount of clear fluid can sometimes forcefully gush out during orgasm. Recent medical studies have declared the existence of the female prostate, which correlates with the G-spot, as it is in practically exactly the same spot of where the male prostate is located. The ejaculate fluid is released through the urethra, however it is NOT urine! It may have traces of urine, but it originates in the skene glands and is almost identical to the chemical compounds in male semen (minus the spermatozoa).

The best way to manually stimulate the G-spot is with a “tapping” motion with the index finger or gentle stroking and firm pressure with a finger, a curved sex toy or sometimes an erect penis. Any sex position where the penis is rubbing against the front wall of the vagina is a good way to hit the right spot. Many women find that ‘doggy style’, or any other position where a penis or dildo is entering from behind seems to work well. Whether you experience a G-spot orgasm or not, trying new sex positions is always fun to experiment with.

There is also a product available called the We-Vibe II that is a small device that stimulates the clitoris and the G-Spot at the same time. AND it can also be used during intercourse! It’s hands-free, cord-free and requires no batteries. There are discounts available for this incredible little toy on my blog-site.