July 22, 2024


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Time-Tested Solutions For Global Warming

Increased global temperature, a rise in the sea levels, extreme conditions of the weather. These are all attributed to a single factor – global warming. Global warming or greenhouse effect has been going on for centuries. For thousands of years, the earth’s temperature continues to rise and it’s not stopping. Although the catastrophic events are commonly linked with this global problem, scientists worldwide still have uncertainties as to the relation of global warming to these events AND if there’s even a definite solution to global warming.

There are two possible solution to the effects of global warming as proposed by experts. It could be in the form of mitigation or through adaptation. Under the mitigation response, several actions are done to alleviate the effects of global warming, if not to totally eradicate it. The steps that could be undertaken in this response are to reduce the consumption of energy and to use appliances that are energy efficient; you could also look for other possible energy sources or alternatives that can be used to replace the present source of fuel. Possible ‘other’ sources of energy are solar energy (with this, pollution is decreased, thus, global warming could be controlled), wind energy, hydropower, and geothermal power, to name a few. These energy sources are reusable and highly available, not to add that they are clean sources of fuel.

Another solution for global warming is the use of other sources of energy. Other possible sources of energy that can be used are nuclear energy and biofuels. These two can be used to replace fossil fuels that take a much longer time to develop. Nuclear energy, though, is still under much consideration because of its negative effects to people and to the environment. There is no contestation as to the power that nuclear energy would be able to produce that would give electrical power. But as to the safety of this source of power, there is still much debate. Biofuel, on the other hand, is safe, economical and it is easy to produce. Methane is the main biofuel that can be produced from plant and animal wastes, and this proves to be a lot more environment-friendly than burning fossil fuels.

Another step that ingenious minds have created is capturing carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) and properly storing them for future use. We have a high concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere, so to help in improving the climate, it should be controlled. And when needed, CO2 can also be used together with methane to make biogas. Aside from carbon capture, people have also set up the so-called Geoengineering where the main goal of this form of science is to study the effects and solutions in atmospheric problems.

In the adaptation response, people look for ways on reducing the effects of the problem and addressing the issues on these problems one-step at a time. In mitigation, people are bent on stopping or postponing the effects of global warming. In search for a better term, adaptation is like ‘playing it cool’ for now then slowly doing some actions to lessen global warming effects. So in adaptation, they have the thought that glaciers are melting anyway even if we stop our consumption of fossil fuels now so why not go on with modern progress? All they have to concentrate on is how to ‘cope’ with the effects. Both mitigation and adaptation would mean people who would join hands in fighting a common enemy.

Another way to defend ourselves from the ravages of global warming is for concerned lawmakers to create legislations that would ensure the responsible use of what’s left of our fossil fuel resources. With this comes the equal responsibility of not using products or taking part in activities that would further ruin our planet’s balance.

And, at the end of it all, the best person that could make a difference and help in making the solution for global warming possible would be you. You could start with yourself, and within your home, all the practices that would provide solutions to the worsening condition of planet earth, which is greenhouse effect.

Global warming solutions are not yet thoroughly proven, let alone totally administered. It is an ever-present problem. No matter what we do, it is there and there is no escaping it. And although it will take years, lots of it, before global warming will even begin to become a terrifying threat, still, it wouldn’t hurt if we lift a finger now.