July 22, 2024


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Will My Insurance Coverage Change With The New Health Care Bill?

Millions will be affected with the introduction of the new health care bill. By now many are already aware of the health reform fine print and implications, but there are many still wondering whether it is good or otherwise. There are many debates on this issue, but if you go through a few aspects of the reform, you are able to get a fair idea of its benefits. By reducing costs on Medicare and with the increased application of taxes on the wealthy, the funds towards the health care reform program have been secured. The plan is to cover every citizen with a realistic health care coverage.

Coping with high medical costs gets easier:

Medical expenses are very high these days and it gets increasingly difficult for all citizens to cope with these expenses. According to the reform, every citizen will be able to purchase health insurance policy which in turn will help to address and manage high medical expenses. Both the advantages as well as disadvantages of the health care reform need to be understood well. As far as doctors in the fray are concerned, whether the reform is good or bad will depend entirely on the quality of the medical fraternity made available. With the provision of health care many underprivileged citizens also get medical coverage and fiscal relief. By reducing reimbursement provided to the doctors, funds are diverted towards the implementation of the health reform, which only means that doctors will be at a disadvantage. So it really depends on which side of the fence you are!

Another important question that arises is whether the existing doctors providing primary care have necessary qualifications or not. The concern is that if doctors do not receive the required reimbursement, then the chances of many of them quitting the profession will increase. Many doctors no longer desire to continue in the profession and prefer to experiment with a whole new vocational alternative altogether, which only makes it very difficult to receive medical help on time. Those who are already in the profession have to make significant investment on a number of medical equipment and tools, computerization of systems, etc. which increase costs and in turn adds additional burden on their incomes.

Children below twenty six years of age can also get coverage!

Will my insurance coverage change with the new health care bill? Yes, it most certainly will. People will now be able to purchase good health insurance plans from monitored medical exchanges. It is understood that the health plan is not in place to compete with insurance policies, but rather ensure coverage for all! The health plan has many benefits in addition to offer. Coverage can be obtained for services necessary to address and rehabilitate substance abuse, expenses towards mental health, prescription drugs, etc. under the health reform. The biggest advantage is that all children under the age of twenty six can be insured under the health insurance plan. This offers both students and parents a lot of respite.