July 22, 2024


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World Malaria Day Special – Part II – The Issues That Hinder the Global Eradication of Malaria

International Politics And Financial Interests; And How They Affect The Eradication Of Malaria Globally – Part Two.

“The art of (modern) medicine consists of amusing the patient while Nature cures the disease”

— Voltaire

“… Certain unethical people have engaged in the business of “selling health” by keeping alive the FEAR of ill health.”

“Powerful and Mighty is the Human Mind! It Builds or It Destroys.”

— Napoleon Hill

This is part II of the subject thought-provoking article. Please read on …

The Inequities That Are Prolonging An Avoidable Disaster

No doubt, malaria is rated as one of the most dreaded killer parasitic diseases in the world today, very unfortunately. The irony of it all is that, it is both preventable and curable. But why it has remained a killer disease, is because of a number of reasons, which are in themselves no reasons at all, if the World is serious and really wants to stop the unnecessary “carnage.”

The narrow-minded and clearly misguided decisions taken a little over half a century ago, by a group of “intelligent men and women” who were considered “leaders” in their various fields, have today created a situation that is steadily consolidating a negative hold on human health to become a global disaster and international emergency.

It Has Been Done Before …

Before, during and after the First and Second World Wars (World War I & II), malaria was a global problem. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the western (developed and industrialized) countries got together and mapped out an effective strategy to eradicate malaria in their regions. But the Third World or developing countries who were already particularly noted to be malaria-endemic at that time, were left out of this plan. So by 1951, malaria had been essentially eradicated from the United States, most of Western European countries and their allies’ territories. I am unable to understand why such discriminatory action was taken for a problem that was affecting the whole world.

What Manner Of Reasons Are These?

Therefore the reasons it has remained a killer disease especially in sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the developing world (malaria-endemic countries), can be grouped into six main headings; namely:

  • International Politics;
  • Financial Interests of the multi-trillion dollar drug industry cartel;
  • Substandard, adulterated, expired or fake drugs;
  • Wrong Diagnosis, Neglected and Improper Treatments by Victims and various Healthcare Providers all across board;
  • Ignorance about the true nature of the disease, among healthcare professionals and lay persons; especially so among the people in the malaria-endemic regions; and
  • General World apathy about the disease.

Of these six reasons, the first two – International Politics and Financial Interests of the multi-trillion dollar drug industry cartel – constitute the major impediments for the eradication of malaria; accounting for over seventy-five percent of the problems. The third and sixth reasons – Substandard, adulterated, expired or fake drugs and General World apathy about the disease – are a direct consequence of the first two mentioned. While the fourth and fifth reasons are issues of Right Knowledge and Education.

If all these issues are tackled frontally and sincerely, malaria will cease to be a killer disease in a very short pace of time. The methodologies for achieving this goal are beyond the scope of this article but can only be simply explained to contain a reliable procedure that can be replicated each time, with parameters that are simple, unique and highly effective in providing a permanent solution for the malaria pandemic, globally. When this is applied by an individual or group of people, it is simple for them to Become Malaria-Free For Life!

I am optimistic however, that with these revelations, the World and all those concerned will become more rational, sensible, empathic, compassionate, caring and be overwhelmed with a truly philanthropic spirit that will make them more amenable and responsive to the sufferings of the sick, poor, impoverished, disadvantaged, neglected and ignored malaria sufferers and potential victims who have no access to competent and compassionate healthcare.

It is also important to recognize the implications of the present scenario to the overall health of the inhabitants of our planet and therefore be the stimulus to urgently implement the recommended changes and take positive actions that will obliterate this infective and parasitic disease off the face of the earth!

Temporary Solution versus Permanent Solution

When these very innovative effective permanent solutions referred to in the paragraphs supra, were being propagated in 1998 – 1999, the “anti-malaria merchants” had not come up with the widespread use of “the magic bullet pills and products” that are currently being advertised all over the place.

These measures, for all intent and purposes, can only provide short-term and or temporary relief and are therefore, a prolongation of the problem. Meaning they are in the final analysis, shortcuts meant to avoid, ignore or undermine the real causes and the hard work, discipline and honest effort needed to cure and or eradicate the disease through rational means and safe, effective naturally holistic remedies.

Having run out of ideas, they now frantically want to be seen as helping; when in fact their activities are helping to perpetuate the malaria disease.

History Is About To Repeat Itself …

In retrospect, a similar approach was adopted in the 1930’s when a certain allopathic drug was developed and the whole world was told that it was the safest anti-malarial drug available. It was then used on a massive scale as a prophylactic (preventive) drug especially for the soldiers who were serving in South East Asia during World War Two (1939 – 45).

While they claimed that it reduced the incidences of malaria among the troops, when faced with the hard evidence against it and the grim statistics of its use, they finally agreed that the drug had “too many undesirable side effects”. It has since been withdrawn and is therefore no longer prescribed or used today.

Similar stories abound for many of the anti-malarial drugs and products in widespread use today. What people don’t know is that a particular extract of a natural herb which is widely used in South-East Asia, has reports of “high rate of treatment failures”. But despite this drawback, it is now being combined with another anti-malarial drug that has been reported to have various undesirable side effects including several cases of acute brain syndrome, to form “the new rave of the moment” drug which is today used in the treatment of falciparum malaria in Africa!

The final results of this treatment regime will not be manifest until a few years from now. Then they will be withdrawn and new invasive ones introduced. Can that be the sole purpose of medical treatment or the approach to eradicate the malaria disease from our world?

Take time to figure this out carefully. Which is better? – Temporary relief, a.k.a. “long-lasting relief”, as these merchants prefer to call the benefits of their drugs and products; or PERMANENT RELIEF, which means life-long immunity to the malaria disease? Also remember the fact that to achieve the promised “long-lasting relief” requires a repetition of their “recommended procedure”, at frequent and regular intervals. Certainly, “temporary” does not in any way compare with, nor approximate to a PERMANENT CURE.

And why are they not promoting the use of the whole leaf extract or tea from that particular natural herb (the source of their “powerful extract”) for malaria treatment as the native folks (who they are trying to copy) do? You should think about it, very seriously. Just … THINK  … about it … even if for only a few moments. Thank You!

In Part III, this article will be concluded with more revealing facts. It is an exposé!

Remember, that it is very easy for you to be malaria-free for life!

Yes, You Can!

This is to Your Perfect Health.

With Love and Affection.