July 22, 2024


Nurturing Whole Body Health

Michelle Obama Fights Against Childhood Obesity in America

Back in February first lady Michelle Obama discussed her commitment to fight childhood obesity during president Obama’s presidency. I commend her for choosing such worthy and controversial cause. See, it is very difficult for parents to get their children to eat healthy these days due to the lack of physical education in schools, video games, kids taking the bus or being driven to school instead of walking.

I have to admit, teaching kids how to eat healthier and live stronger lives will help change our future in many ways. It will force fast food companies that target children specifically change their menu to include fat burning foods and ingredients, get parents involved in healthy eating, as well as change school lunch menus. She has recently launched Let’s move which is a campaign which is focused on giving parents and schools good ideas to get kids active and eating health. It also incorporates action steps parents can take today in order to get kids to eat healthy.

I took a look at the website and found it to be very informative and full of information for parents as well as community leaders. The only problem that I have with the program she put together is that it the menu that they suggest kids eat to get healthy are not the typical foods that kids will enjoy which might cause a problem in the home.

In order to get your kids to start eating healthier you have to find great ways to cook things that they are familiar with and get them involved. Pearl barley and feta eggplant is not something I see a kid eating at the dinner table. Kids barely want to eat vegetables not alone eggplant. I believe the way to get kids to start eating better and losing weight is to make it fun. When you are a kid, the only thing on your mind is having a good time. If we can find a way to make eating healthy a fun task, we will end this epidemic of childhood obesity.